How a secret camera got backstage at Depeche Mode show in Belfast in 1983

This is a pretty wonderful story from the Belfast Concert Photographs Facebook group. Back in 1983, the iconic English electronic act Depeche Mode played the Ulster Hall in Belfast. A man called Brian McDonnell had tickets to the concert, and was eager to photograph the band in action. But security wouldn't allow him into the club with a camera.

So McDonnell had another day: he brought the film into the venue in his pocket, then tossed it on stage during the show, along with his name and address — in hopes that Depeche Mode themselves might take some photographs for him, using his film, and then send the pictures back to him as a souvenir.

And reader … they did just that.

While McDonnell passed away in 2002, his wife recently found the photographs, which she shared along with this delightful story.