IGN just released a Deep Space Nine reunion, and it's awesome

Since the show has gone on to become one of the most legendary series in the Star Trek franchise, it's hard to imagine that Deep Space Nine was ever considered risky. Before DS9Star Trek had relied on space exploration as the backdrop for most of its adventures. With the premise of Deep Space Nine revolving around a stationary space station, several studio executives and fans thought the series was bound to be a flop. Like its sister series in Star Trek: The Next Generation, it took Deep Space Nine a couple of years to truly find its footing, but when one flashes forward to the present, legions of Trekkies will proudly proclaim DS9 as the finest example of Star Trek ever produced. 

In the video linked above, IGN's YouTube channel holds a mini roundtable reunion for three Deep Space Nine cast members (Nana Visitor, Colm Meaney, and Terry Farrell). The actual roundtable begins around 29 minutes into the video and lasts a little over an hour. Even so, an hour with Nana Visitor at any is enough to send my Bajoran-loving heart into overdrive.