This GOP candidate for congress joked about killing women during sex and enjoys photos of underaged girls

The qualifications of current-era Republican candidates are baffling.

Alek Skarlatos is in a race for congress in Oregon. Recently a podcast resurfaced wherein Skarlatos jokes about killing women during intercourse and discussed instances of folks who have killed a partner during sex and gotten away with it.

Oregon Capitol Chronicle:

"You ever thought if you choked someone and killed them in bed what would happen?" podcast host Ross Patterson asked.

"Oh yeah," Skarlatos responded, laughing. "Oh yeah."

The conversation about women dying during sex continued, with Stone saying he had plans to sit in on a trial of a man charged with choking his girlfriend to death during what the defendant described as a consensual encounter. Skarlatos then referred to a 2017 Florida case in which a man argued that his girlfriend accidentally suffocated while performing oral sex, saying that the man wasn't convicted and "got off, in more ways than one." 

It has also been observed that Skarlatos "likes" many photos of underaged girls in bikinis via his Instagram account.

Within the past few months, Skarlatos has also "liked" photos of underage girls wearing bikinis and other skimpy outfits on Instagram. One such photo, posted by a then-17-year-old girl this past March, shows her in a string bikini bottom and a sweatshirt raised to display her midriff. 

Since 2020, Skarlatos liked dozens of photos of teenage girls, including several in which the girls are wearing two-piece bathing suits or midriff-baring crop tops. The two youngest girls were 15 at the time Skarlatos liked their pictures, according to Instagram posts they made on their birthdays. 

The Capital Chronicle reviewed screenshots of the posts and found them on Instagram to verify that Skarlatos liked them. He defended his Instagram likes in a statement. 

I would suggest everyone from voters to sex partners reconsider this candidate.