North Dakota woman arrested for bringing raccoon to Happy Hour

Via KLTV-7:

A woman was arrested after walking into a bar in North Dakota carrying a raccoon, according to the Benson County Sheriff's Office.

Erin Christensen, 38, was charged with North Dakota Game and Fish violations, tampering with evidence and providing false information to law enforcement. According to the sheriff's office, the animal was put down and will be tested for rabies and other diseases.

Bartender Cindy Smith said she was serving drinks at the bar last week when Christensen brought in the animal during happy hour. There were about 10 people in the establishment at the time, she said.

Ms Christensen was charged despite leaving the bar after about 5 minutes. She had allegedly been caring for the raccoon in her own home for the last three months. While in the bar, it never bit anyone, nor even left her arms.

This is clearly a case of trash panda discrimination.

It reminds me of my favorite negative Yelp review for my favorite bar in Boston, from a day that I remember vividly — when someone showed up with a pig.

Woman arrested for taking raccoon into a bar, officials say [Anna Johnson and Debra Worley / KLTV]

Image: Neil McIntosh / Flickr (CC-BY-SA 2.0)