Watch Marjorie Taylor Greene seemingly kick a gun control activist

Yesterday outside the US Capitol, Marjorie Taylor Greene argued with young gun control activists. Later, MTG tweeted a clip of their heated argument that also appears to show her, ummm, kicking one of the activists from behind. From NPR:

In the tweet, Greene, a Georgia Republican, also wrote, "These foolish cowards want the government to take away guns & the rights of parents to defend their children in schools."

Roughly 25 minutes later, Marianna Pecora, who was one of the people arguing with Greene in the video, replied: "Did she literally just tweet out the video of her kicking me?"

Pecora, 18, is the deputy communications director for Voters of Tomorrow, a group focused on youth voter turnout. She and others from her group were in Washington, D.C., this week to lobby for youth rights.