Write whenever the mood strikes with nearly 30% off this waterproof wonder of a pen

Whether it's a little doodle for a video game you're designing or a great quote you don't want to forget, having a pen and some paper on hand is always ideal. But when you feel inspired, you aren't always conveniently sitting at a desk or even indoors, for that matter. And unless you want to tap something quickly into your phone, a better writing system could really aid in your creativity.

You should be able to write down thoughts, musings, measurements, and whatever you want, whenever you want. Thanks to this waterproof pen by KeySmart, you'll never be hindered by your environment again. Even in the pouring rain, this pen can still write beautifully, especially when paired with Rite-In-The-Rain notepads, so you can focus on whatever you're jotting down and nothing else for just $39.99 or 29% off.

This advanced writing utensil is worth adding to your creative arsenal. That's because it's a bolt-action pen with a pressurized cartridge, enabling you to write in just about any direction, even upside down, if you wish. And thanks to its unique ink formula, you can write amid wetness and extreme temperatures as chilly as -30°F and as scorching as 250°F.

Made of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum and boasting a stainless steel pocket clip, the KeySmart pen is meant to be toted around, ready to write whenever and wherever you feel the need to. And its rugged grip allows you to get a firm grasp on the thing in any condition. 

Designed by the brilliant minds at KeySmart, the company that took the world by storm by raising over $320,000 on Kickstarter for its compact key organizer, you can bet this waterproof pen is the gadget you'll want on your hands when inspiration calls.

Get your creative juices flowing with the KeySmart Tactiv Bolt Action Waterproof Pen, now 29% off at just $56.

Prices subject to change.