Explore unknown territory with this Tanto-style knife

We think everyone can unanimously agree that, while nature can be absolutely stunning, there's danger afoot everywhere you walk. That's not to say you're primed for becoming a tasty bear snack every time you step out of your front door (unless you're a mountain person, in which case — yikes!), but emergencies happen. 

When all goes south, a reliable tool knife could be a lifesaver. Even if you're not in peril, a decent blade is needed if you're someone who enjoys a solid hike every now and then. This Jawrs Knife is an excellent buy for you or a loved one who craves being one with Mother Nature, and it's on sale now for just $56.99.

Much more than just an average utility knife you may find at your local hardware store, the Jawrs is sleek, innovative, and ready for a dirty job. The American Tanto-style blade is made of D2 steel, so you'll have no trouble slicing and dicing whatever comes your way, whether it's wires, wood, rubber, or any other rigid material.

Plus, the hefty steel blade is 4.3mm thick, so you shouldn't worry about untimely breakage, but it's still thin enough for precise cuts. It might even come in handy when prepping food in the wild! And, because she's long and lean, standing at 105mm, life is a little easier than if you were to use a smaller, less efficient blade. 

When you're done using your knife, just hang it off the included pocket clip on your bag, pants, or hiking gear and head wherever the outdoors takes you for a new adventure. Even if it's just whittling wood in the backyard for s'mores, the Jawrs Knife can help you have a great night. (That's more our speed if we're being honest, what wildlife does in their off time is none of our business.)

Over the age of 18? Don't wait to snap this bad boy up. Get the Jawrs Knife for $56.99 (Reg, $89).

Prices subject to change.