Interview with Opossum Lady Georgette Spelvin

I recently wrote about one of my favorite internet stars: the Opossum Lady, who calls herself Georgette Spelvin (which is likely not her real name, as it's a traditional pseudonym long used in the world of theater). Well, I'm back to share a new episode of "60 Second Docs" that was just released about her. The description of the doc on YouTube reads:

Not much is known about Internet personality Georgette Spelvin, but one thing's for sure: she loves her possums. Spelvin has been entertaining fans and fellow possum enthusiasts through her YouTube channel, MEpearlA, and her book, "Pearls of Wisdom: Advice from a Dead Squirrel Who Knows Everything."

The short documentary features glorious footage of Opossum Lady talking about her passions: opossums and caring for them. The script of the video is as follows:

Someone said because of your videos, I no longer beat possums to death with a shovel. I am Georgette Spelvin, with my friend Parody [an opossum] here, and I am Possum Lady! My background is in rehabilitating possums. We're working out the spine, we're working out the vertebrae! The perfect opossum massage has been demonstrated on my videos. They have 51 teeth, and that hiss is scary. They are not going to come around and be like dogs or cats. It's not who they are. But possums are very very helpful, they're nature's little sanitary engineers. Possums are so cute! I've had people suggest it's because I am feral (I don't think that's true). I don't have them as pets, but I become emotionally attached. Possum Lady is love, Possum Lady is life.

The video just further confirms that Opossum Lady is a goddess who walks among us. The video also features the adorable opossums doing what opossums do—including "hissing" in the cutest ways possible.