This Dexter's Laboratory acapella is a time machine

At the time of its debut, the Cartoon Network seemed like the culmination of an impossible dream for animation fans and a handful of stoners. An entire channel dedicated to cartoons was beyond the pale of anyone born prior to 1992. In retrospect, after the success of MTV, the idea of a channel based on animation was actually an inevitability, and Ted Turner happened to cross the finish line first. The only catch to the inaugural run of the channel was that the Cartoon Network didn't have any original programming. Four years later, the groundbreaking Dexter's Laboratory emerged as not only Cartoon Network's first original series but also a generation-defining hit.

Whenever those first few notes of Dexter's Laboratory's theme hit your eardrums, you knew that the next 22 minutes would be comprised of pure entertainment. For millions of millennials and gen z adults, Dexter's Theme is a portal to a simpler time. In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Maytree lends its acapella talents to the iconic theme song.