60s folk music motherlode on Pete Seeger's "Rainbow Quest" TV show

My friend Peter Sugarman recently pointed me to this amazing gem. In 1965-1966, Pete Seeger had a local NYC TV show called Rainbow Quest. On it, he would sing and play guitar and banjo and he would have guest on. The guest artists are like a who's who of mid-60s folk music: Tom Paxton, the Clancy Brothers, Lead Belly, Richard and Mimi Fariña, Jean Ritchie, Bernice Reagon, Doc Watson, Buffy St. Marie, Johnny and June Carter Cash, and countless others.

The production is cable-access quality, Pete is unvarnished, making it up as he goes along, and the funkiness is glorious.

There were 38 episodes and all of them are on YouTube. Here are a few examples:

Thumbnail: Screengrab of Rainbow Quest, WNJU-TV, 1965.