Here's how Breaking Bad would look as a cartoon

How are we still allowing Disney to create those awful live-action remakes of their classic films? For the most part, the quality of those flicks lands somewhere between abysmal and kinda alright. The live-action Jungle Book was breathtaking, but The Lion King utterly failed to capture the original's magic. One of the primary components of Disney's identity as a brand is its consistency, and the varying quality between live-action remakes should be enough to dissuade the studio from creating anymore. Or, if Disney is going to keep making reboots, here's an idea: why don't they make animated versions of their classic live-action films? The Herbie franchise might find a second lease on life in the 2nd dimension. 

In the video linked above, the YouTube channel JabaToons shows what it would be like if a major cartoon studio(in this case, Cartoon Network) turned the gritty meth-slinging masterpiece that is Breaking Bad into a cartoon.