No flame, no problem. This windproof Slimline lighter is over 60% off.

A standard lighter can give out in the wind, run out of lighter fluid, and burn your finger with the flint wheel. Sounds like a lot of obstacles and inconveniences just to get a flame going. The Slimline is changing the game for the traditional lighter and finally making way for a modern-efficient lighter that'll make your life much easier. 

The Slimline is a thin, sleek lighter you can take anywhere for just $12.99. Plus, it looks so good that you may even forget you're holding a rugged survivalist's tool. It's designed with the latest technology in portable lighting that functions when an extremely bright light is encased in a lightweight, compact unit. You can also light up on both sides of the lighter with double-sided ignition. 

The biggest hassle when lighting a fire, cigarette, or candle outdoors is when uncontrollable elements, like the wind, get in the way. The Slimline's windproof capabilities allow you to avoid flame residue and light up anywhere. You read that right — it doesn't need to produce a flame to light objects up! You can also say goodbye to any gas lighter fluid, as the Slimline is USB rechargeable and can last weeks once fully charged, making it compatible with other everyday devices.

Additionally, the Slimline is made of metallic zinc alloy materials, protecting the lighter and making it durable against other elements. The Slimline comes in frosted or iced black, brushed silver and blue, and iced gold, giving choices that can match your style.

Customers seem to be pleased with both the features and design. Take it from verified customer Lennis H., who shared, "I like that you can use this lighter outside in the wind! Since there is no flame, it lights easily. It holds a charge for a long time. The mat finish is a nice touch, it does not leave fingerprints." 

It's time to throw out your manual lighters for a 21st-century upgrade. The Slimline Windproof Rechargeable Lighter is now discounted to only $12.99 or 62% off.

Prices subject to change.