Record with clarity at a great price

Everyone knows the awful feeling; you have an important thought, but you don't have anywhere to jot it down, and before you know it the thought is gone. For those of us without a photographic memory, it's vital to be able to record our thoughts so they aren't lost forever.

If you're someone who is sick of not being able to record your ideas, then you are in luck! Right now you can purchase this 64G Mini Voice Activated Recorder at a greatly discounted rate. 

The handy, pocket-sized recording device is perfect to take on the go because it can fit in your wallet, bag, and purse. It has 64GB of memory so it can store up to 750 hours of high-quality recording files, and it also has a 230mAh rechargeable battery providing you with 24 hours of battery life. Plus, noise-free and 360-degree panoramic recording offers really clear and natural audio recordings. But what we love the most is the voice activation; the device starts recording when it recognizes sound, and goes off when there's silence.

good voice recorder is an incredible tool to have at your disposal. According to Rev, a recorder can be an invaluable tool for meetings, "Once meetings are recorded, they can easily be transcribed for future reference–making conversations accessible to employees for sussing out relevant details." Olympus also says that recorders are a great tool because the audio is so much better than your phone, "Whether a digital recorder is sitting unobtrusively on the table during an interview or on the floor during a jam session, it will pick up the quality of sound you want and need."

Right now you can take your recording game to the next level with this super small and convenient recorder for just $44.99. That's a 15% markdown from its MSRP of $52.

Prices subject to change.