Simone Giertz and Laura Kampf created a set of project dice

Well-known YouTube makers (and besties) Simone Giertz and Laura Kampf have created a new product. If you've ever seen recipe dice, their set of Build Dice work similarly. One six-sided die suggests objects (houseware, vehicle, gift, etc.), one materials (fabric, wood, cardboard, etc.), and one, properties (low budget, extra big/extra small, etc.).

The idea is to toss these three 25mm aluminum bones if you're in the shop, want to build something, can't think of what, and need some inspiration. To demonstrate, the dynamic duo roll up three projects over these two videos.

Besides the fun nature of the dice, and the projects they come up with, it's fun to watch two great friends cracking each other up over the most inane things. Gotta love a snort-laughing good time.