This Street Fighter 6 motion capture session is awesome

Street Fighter 6 could be the top game of 2023, with buzz around Capcom's forthcoming sequel hitting fever pitch after footage debuted at last week's the Tokyo Game Show. Fans of the series, many annoyed at how Street Fighter 5 fell short of expectations, relished the footage of various game modes and the promise of an in-depth single-player experience. Capcom is looking to right a few perceived wrongs.

Though the focus on new game modes in Street Fighter 6, we shouldn't overlook how stunning the game looks. We're several characters deep into the game's full roster reveal, and there hasn't been a bad design yet. One of the stand-outs for Street Fighter 6's new characters is Jamie, the breakdancing drunken master. In the video linked above, you can check out how they performed motion capture to bring Jamie's unique fighting style to life.