Score an Apple MacBook Air at a major discount during our Refurbished Event

Is your haggard old laptop on its last knees? Maybe it's time for an upgrade. Or perhaps you just need a trusty device to browse your favorite website while traveling. During our Refurbished Event, which runs from September 17 to 30, you can get your hands on a 2014 MacBook Air for just $295, and it even comes with an accessory bundle.

Everyone should splurge for a pre-holiday self-gift (not to be confused with regular holiday self-gifts), so this Apple MacBook Air comes at a perfect time. Equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor and 4GB of RAM, your new toy works zippy fast to bring your the best of the web, whether that's a music streaming session, Netflix binge, or Wikipedia rabbit hole.

Speaking of being ultra quick, this MacBook Air features Bluetooth 4.0, allowing you to connect to wireless devices like keyboards and mice at fast speeds, so you're never saying a prayer next to a printer in the middle of nowhere. Plus, the notebook offers WiFi for connecting to hotspots at home and on the go (although we recommend using a VPN if you're surfing the web in public)

In terms of storage, you're never without a safety net using this bad boy. It's got 128GB for all your docs,  photos, and videos. Similarly, the Intel HD Graphics 5000 outputs high-quality images and smooth videos without hiccups.

We totally get that buying something deemed refurbished can be concerning, but this deal has you covered. With a grade "B" rating in condition (read: only light cosmetic blemishes here and there), there's a good chance you won't miss paying thousands of dollars for something just because it rolled off a conveyer belt last week.

Verified customer Whitney V. rated her refurb five stars, sharing, "Sturdier than a current MacBook Air, and it will work great as a backup laptop. I especially like the outer surface material, which is a lot less slippery and so less likely to be dropped. It's fast enough for my needs!"

During our Refurbished Event, you can get an Apple MacBook Air and accessories bundle, including a black case and AC charger, for $295.99 (Reg. $1,199). No coupon code is necessary, but act fast! This deal is our biggest refurb event ever and only runs until September 30.

Prices subject to change.