Simply telling the truth amounts to a monumental decision of "historic magnitude" over at FOX News

The most interesting thing about this new revelation revealed in yet another tell-all Trump book, that FOX News Host Brett Baier wanted the outlet to lie and claim Trump was winning an election he was not is not his lack of ethics or dishonesty but rather the fact that FOX is so proud of it.

We expect FOX to lie.

Daily Beast:

"The leading news anchor for Fox was pushing not just to say Arizona was too close to call but to pretend that the president had won it," wrote Baker and Glasser.

Despite the pressure from the Trump White House, the network stood by its Arizona decision—though Fox would eventually fire longtime political editor Chris Stirewalt who defended the decision desk's call. (The network framed the termination as a "restructuring.") Additionally, Fox News DC managing editor Bill Sammon retired shortly after the 2020 election.

"FOX News made an election night call of historic magnitude and was first to do so," a network spokesperson said in a statement. "We stood by the call in the days that followed, it was proven correct, and other news organizations eventually joined us."