Alison Brie shares her feelings on the possible Community movie

Hell's bells, Trudy, can't we get excited about anything? Alison Brie, a veteran member of the cast of Community, doesn't appear to be as optimistic as series creator Dan Harmon about the prospect of a spinoff film. Well, to be fair, Harmon wasn't 100% about the project either. A month ago, Harmon spoke about the possibility of a Community movie happening somewhere down the line but refrained from spouting anything too definitive. Despite his wholly nebulous answer, fans took that single morsel of info and began constructing a joint rumor mill and shrine dedicated to the resurrection of their fallen show. However, while still fond of the idea, Alison Brie doesn't think pulling off a Community movie would be as easy as everyone imagines. 

Lately, the promise of six seasons and a movie from Community has felt closer than ever. Creator Dan Harmon recently said that "Legitimacy is here, conversations, and agreements are happening," which, while vague, is the most promising update yet. And in a new interview for The Daily Beast's podcast The Last LaughAlison Brie—also partially responsible for keeping the dream alive—promises that "the wheels are turning."

However, she also adds, "With Community stuff, I'm still just like, I feel very optimistic, but also, I'll believe it when I see it." A writer herself, Brie sounds happy to defer the job to Harmon, but she did have some ideas for the film's direction: "I'm sort of like, let's do fan service. Don't try something that's so crazy. Let's get us back to Greendale. Don't try to reinvent the wheel." Brie also says they'd love to have Donald Glover back however possible: "Like, let's carve out a single day, green screen, could we send someone to wherever Donald is in the world and just get a shot of his face saying something?"

Brie is a founding member of the show's cast and stuck with the series through its tumultuous move to streaming, so her insight on the project's potential should be treated as gospel.