Star Wars: Andor is already fantastic

Andor is delivering on the promise of Rogue One in a big way. Finally, we are three episodes into a story not about kidnapping, stealing, or training a Force-sensitive kid. Instead, we see the dark and gritty awful side of a Republic barely policed by a few thousand misguided religious zealots as it transforms into a fascist state managed by jackasses. Good stuff!

Andor is breaking the mold and offering up great acting, writing, and direction. The storytelling here is wonderful and paced for the 24 episodes we're expecting.

I am in love with Bee the droid and have yet to find out their full name. Reminds me a lot of Chopper, and it is lovely to see Cassian's respect for droids go way back. Diego Luna is doing an amazing job as the titular character. Fiona Shaw's Maarva is a wonderful and rare addition to the Star Wars universe, a parent figure that the protagonist apparently doesn't need to kill as they seek to attain attunement with the Force.

I am interested in the idea that a 5-year BBY Empire would rely on local law enforcement for anything and wouldn't be numerous enough to control anything they want, lets see where this goes. I would assume that essentially losing control of a planet to locals over a minor policing issue would imply this plan is bad? This was just Keystone Cops with malintent, and Cassian's hatred of the Empire must come from elsewhere? It sounded like Maarva's problems were with the Republic in the flashbacks.

This is also some visually very satisfying Star Wars. Gone is the flashy clean stuff on Tatooine of that Boba Fett show that seems to be sticking around. This old-style Star Wars was born of slapping model kits together to make cool-looking stuff and add scorch marks. See the downtrodden under the jackboot of the Empire, and I guess its Corporate minions/benefactors! Here is the why of Rebellion, instead of floating rocks around.

Andor is shaping up to be some of the best Star Wars yet.