The Norman Rockwell approach to politics

Even though a large part of illustration depends on craft, most connoisseurs of the visual arts demand deeper emotional stimulation than pure beauty. Seasoned art fans like to search for pieces that challenge their understanding of the world while simultaneously expanding their visual palate. Consequently, while art fans may appreciate the beauty of a talented painter or illustrator when it comes to ability, they typically disregard them in favor of experimental or Avante Garde creators. One such artist that art fans tend to overlook and underrate is Norman Rockwell. For a generation of Americans, Rockwell's work became synonymous with quality illustrations that were also regarded as utterly innocuous.

In the video linked above, the YouTube channel The Canvas explores why Rockwell became such an iconic staple of American art and how his work isn't as boring as his detractors claim. If you've ever found Rockwell's work a sickeningly saccharine view of a fictitious and idealized America, I recommend giving the video a watch.