We're getting a new Iron Man game

Watching Iron Man become the backbone of the Marvel franchise was one of the oddest elements of the early MCU. Most comic fans that grew up on superheroes probably know the adage that "there are no bad characters, just bad execution" by heart. Reframing a superhero's importance only takes one definitive run or a creative team. Before Alan Moore lent his transformative touch to the character, Swamp Thing was a z-level character, and prior to Grant Morrison's groundbreaking take, Animal Man wasn't anyone's favorite hero. Who knew that Iron Man's most visionary creators would be Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr? 

Now that both Favreau and Downey Jr have vacated Stark Tower, Motive studios are set to pick up the baton on Ol' Shell head's adventures in the video game world. According to Comic Book Resources, Motive studios, the company behind the Dead Space games, will lend their talents to a new Iron Man game. 

A new game centered around Tony Stark's Iron Man is now in the works.

Motive and Marvel Entertainment announced the new single-player, action-adventure title in a blog post today on Electronic Arts' website. "We're thrilled to share that an all-new single-player, third-person, action-adventure Iron Man video game is now in early development at Montreal-based Motive Studio," the companies said. "The team is being led by Olivier Proulx, who brings experience working on past Marvel titles like Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, and is joined by a dedicated team of passionate industry veterans including Ian Frazier, Maëlenn Lumineau, and JF Poirier at the studio."