Raccoon in a hammock

What would you do if you came home to find a raccoon hanging out in your hammock? Well, that's the decision Philadelphia resident Sarah McAnulty recently had to make when she discovered a raccoon lounging in the hammock on her 3rd floor deck. Fox 13 News reports:

When she grabbed a flashlight and looked outside, she said she couldn't believe her eyes when she found a raccoon appearing to tuck itself in, making itself comfortable for the night.

McAnulty posted a short video on Twitter, writing in the caption, "Excuse me, who taught the raccoon on my back porch how to use a hammock?" 

McAnulty later checked on the raccoon and said it "stayed there for the rest of the night all snuggled up, sleeping in the hammock."

Not gonna lie, if faced with this situation, I would have to fight hard against my natural urges to go join the raccoon and snuggle. But my rational brain would kick in and I'd keep my distance, and just be overjoyed to be blessed by such a beautiful creature!