Top Russian scientist dead in mysterious fall at Moscow Aviation Institute

News of prominent, wealthy or ostensibly powerful officials dying in falls has become a crunchy drumbeat to Russia's disastrous invasion of Ukraine. The latest defenestration is of Anatoly Gerashchenko, retired rector of the Moscow Aviation Institute.

The organization's press office released a statement describing the 73-year-old's death as "the result of an accident," adding that his untimely demise was a "a colossal loss for the MAI and the scientific and pedagogical community." Russian news outlet Izvestia, citing an unnamed source, reported that Gerashchenko "fell from a great height" … His death comes less than two weeks after an executive appointed to help oversee development in Russia's Far East died in a strange fall from a moving boat just days after attending an economic forum with Putin.

The lesson is perhaps that there's no proper way to talk back to Putin? Also that gravity is cheaper than poison.