Nintendo was founded 133 years ago today

In the modern console wars, Nintendo exists on an island alone. One of the biggest complaints that Nintendo routinely garners is that they alienate hardcore gamers by focusing on family-friendly games that appeal to everyone. To the "hardcore gamers" that correlate quality to gore and lurid depictions of sexuality, Nintendo is a toothless developer that only churns out kiddy games. However, almost everyone agrees that Nintendo is virtually peerless in pioneering video game hardware. Considering that they're the oldest active game company, Nintendo's proficiency at developing new tech for video games shouldn't come as any surprise. I mean, they've even been successful long before video games were invented. 

One hundred thirty-three years ago today, Fusajiro Yamauchi created Nintendo Koppai to distribute a card game known as Hanafuda. The company's success with Hanafuda- and other games- helped them survive long enough to see the advent of video games. As the new medium began to emerge, Nintendo transitioned into video games and hasn't looked back. Unless, of course, you count the insanely popular Pokemon card game based on the video game created by a company that used to make playing cards.