The Bardo might be the trippiest trailer of 2022

Before Scorsese split cinephiles in half like Moses at the Red sea with his comments about Marvel films, there was Alejandro G. Iñárritu. As he readied his film Birdman for release, Iñárritu did a press run detailing the movie's themes and how little he cared for the growing Marvel Cinematic Universe. The crux of his argument- similar to Scorsese's critique- is that superhero films are devoid of art or meaning. Well, he actually called them "cultural genocide," but that's a touch excessive.

Although his perspective on the lack of artistry in superhero movies has become more commonplace in film discourse, Iñárritu's comments are still incredibly scathing. Irrespective of whether you agree with his perspective or not, Iñárritu has made it his mission to create masterfully crafted films with intense attention placed on gorgeous cinematography. It's almost as if he's been trying to use his filmography as a rebuttal to the banality he believes is currently besieging the box office. The trailer for his new film The Brado looks to carry on this tradition by infusing deeply trippy visuals into a story presumably steeped in magical realism.