Rick from Rick and Morty arrives in MultiVersus, WB's fighting game

When it was first announced, Warner Brothers' MultiVersus was touted as the Smash Bros killer. After Nintendo discontinued service on Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate last year, virtually every studio with a library of characters under their belt tried to create their own platform fighter to fill the vacuum. Although Nickelodeon's attempt was initially well received, the game lacked a host of features at launch, such as character voices. This was a mistake that MultiVersus didn't make. A few weeks after MultiVersus went live, it broke a record for the most active players for any fighting game. Several weeks later, though, the count cratered. 

Even though Warner Brothers always intended to provide new characters as downloadable content throughout the game's lifespan, the roll-out of new characters must shore up a falling player base. In the video linked above, you can see that MutliVersus is pulling out a big gun: Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty.