Check out Kyle MacLachlan's Criterion collection picks

You can always see the influences of others in the work of great artists. Even when creators go out of their way to hide their proverbial brushstrokes, the work of their peers and the legends that helped shape their creative palate is usually incredibly evident. For fellow creators and eagle-eyed fans, trying to find the medley of classic and contemporary influences that reside inside the work of an artist or performer becomes a fun game of "hide and seek." Sometimes the answers are obvious, whereas other times, the answers are a little bit more obscure. Or, sometimes, they'll just come out and tell you what inspires them.

In the video linked above from the Criterion Collection's YouTube page, the actor extraordinaire Kyle MacLachlan enters the famed Criterion closet to procure some of his favorite films. Not surprisingly, MacLachlan even finds time to pick one of his own brilliant movies in the process.