Immerse yourself in music-making with $36 off this hip-hop beat library

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Hobbies that don't include a hefty price tag are hard to come by, so you might find yourself bored most days doing god knows what on that laptop. What makes boredom even worse is that now, we have to stay bored inside our homes for the next few months (that is, unless you don't mind being cold.)

If you're looking for a new, affordable hobby to pass the time or even make money off of, why not try singing? Okay, maybe we're not all tonally talented, but if you can keep up with a beat and deliver a good flow, rapping might be more your speed. Either way, Beatopia's library of sick beats will give you the background tracks to jam out to, and one-year subscriptions are on sale for $99.

Beatopia is an incredible way to make beautiful music without the recording studio and pricey producer. With a massive library of exclusive type beats that come without limits, you'll get access to tracks hand-picked and mastered by the pros who do this with their eyes closed. For something a bit more comprehensive, Beatopia also offers completely editable stem tracks, so you can tweak the sounds to match the type of track you want to create. A license gives you unlimited rights to the tracks, so you can make songs to your heart's content without worrying about your music being taken down (until your subscription ends, of course).

And, if you're worried you won't find the genre you've been targeting, don't be! Beatopia features a bevy of sounds including trap, R&B, drill, future pop, emo rap, reggae, hip hop, rap, Afrobeat, indie, and many other bops you can jam with. With a full year of access, you should have enough time to crack your knuckles and dig deep into chords and clips you never dabbled with in the past. 

If you need to mix on the go, Beatopia works on both computers and mobile phones, so if you get a spark of inspiration, you don't need to drop what you're doing and head straight to the studio; the world is your studio! Finally, Beatopia imposes no stream limits, so there's truly nothing stopping you from making sweet melodies.

You can subscribe to the Beatopia Beats Browser for one year for $99 (Reg. $135).

Prices subject to change.