Rep. Kevin McCarthy promises to make heroin safer for kids

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has a plan to make heroin and cocaine more pure so that your children can confidently make a purchase without anxieties over a possible fentanyl overdose. "We will secure the borders so your kids won't have to fear, wondering that they're buying fentanyl [a synthetic opioid covertly added to heroin and cocaine] and are going to OD," he said on Fox (first video below). Very thoughtful, indeed.

But too bad his plan is a faulty one, as his henchmen will be going after the wrong border crowd. According to CNN (second video below), "The majority of these [fentanyl] seizures happen at the legal ports of entry, where cars and buses and trucks line up to enter. And the vast majority of time, it is being brought in by U.S. citizens or legal residents."

Time to do your homework, Congressman.