Want to showcase how much your pet means to you? PupRing is offering $35 vouchers for $5 off!

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Is there any bond deeper than the one between us and our pets? Of course, pet parents know an animal is a special member of the household, but sometimes, we wish there was a way to show the world just how much our furry (or scaley) friends mean to us!

That's why many homeowners have turned to PupRing, a company that creates gorgeous, personalized jewelry to honor one's beloved pets. Best of all, it's not an expensive purchase — especially if you buy a $35 voucher for PupRing, available now for $30 ($5 off!).

So, why choose PupRing? You can select a beautiful ring or necklace that is custom-engraved with your pet's name to display your love for them and bring a reminder of your furry friend wherever you go. Each jewelry piece is made of sterling silver and hand-crafted with passion, arriving in a gorgeous light blue box. It's a light, elegant, and thoughtful addition to any outfit. Also, keep this in mind: Not only is it an excellent purchase for you, but it also makes for a wonderful gift for other members of your family!

Past buyers agree on the quality. PupRing's Facebook page boasts a rating of over four stars, and one customer shared, "I just received my ring in the mail and to say I'm happy is an understatement. I absolutely love my PupRing!"

Here's how it works. Once you purchase this voucher, visit PupRing.com, choose the product you — and your pet — will love, add it to your cart, and put the code you received into the "Gift Card" or "Discount Code" field. Next, click "Apply," and there you have it! Your voucher will be applied to your purchase.

Wear your love for your furry friend on your sleeve (literally) and get a $35 PupRing voucher for just $30.

Prices subject to change.