Watch: Metal guitarist Kayla Kent reads crude viewer comments as calmly as she plays when shredding

I've long been fascinated with metal guitarist Kayla Kent, not only for her amazing talent, but also with her stage presence. As her fingers passionately rip across the fretboard, usually to a Pantera cover, her face remains as calm as a librarian sipping a cup of herbal tea. Her manner is breezy, effortless, even seemingly bored at times. It's hard to imagine that the person shredding the guitar is the same easy-going person smiling into the camera — and that's what makes her so captivating.

So I was interested in hearing what the "worst comments" sent by her viewers could possibly be (see video above).

Oh, but of course. Fans who feel "naughty" when they watch her, or who will "find you and marry you," or who compare her to an "OnlyFans" girl, and much worse.

The comments were crude, moronic, and uninspired, but what makes the video interesting is her blasé reaction to said comments — the same way a librarian might react after drinking said cup of tea.

Here she is in action: