Which cordless vacuum is best?

In this Project Farm video, Todd turns his test tools on cordless vacuums. He tests 8 brands that range in price from $99-$750.

The cordless vacuums were tested on carpet for deep cleaning, small and large debris pickup, and hair. The vacuums were also tested for small and large debris pickup on hard flooring and their crevice performance. Vacuums were compared for CFM [cubic feet per minute] performance at the vacuum's head, both sealed and unsealed, brush velocity, maximum run time on medium pile carpet, vacuum noise level, vacuum weight, and handle weight at 32 inches.

Bottom line: This seems like a "you get what you pay for" product. The two most expensive vacuums, the Dyson ($750) and the Samsung ($600 at time of testing) performed best. But the Tineco ($439 at time of testing) and Sharp ($300 at time of testing) also tested well.

Thumbnail: Screen grab, Project Farm.