At least two more raped minors were denied abortions in Ohio, forced to flee the state

An affidavit asserts that at least two more minors raped in Ohio were forced to flee the state rather than carry their rapist's children to term, as Ohio law requires. The terrifying stories of dozens of women forced to suffer under the lack of body autonomy are detailed.

At least two more minors made pregnant by sexual assault were forced to leave Ohio to avoid having their rapists' babies, according to sworn affidavits filed by abortion providers.

The affidavits were filed in Cincinnati as part of a lawsuit aimed at stopping the enforcement of Ohio's strict new abortion law. Originally paused for two weeks, the enforcement delay will be extended to at least Oct. 12.

If true, the affidavits show that a 10-year-old from Columbus was not the only child or teen rape victim forced to leave the state. They also describe more than two dozen other instances in which the abortion law put women under extreme duress.