Nissan making replacement parts for select classics

Nissan brings the love for select models like the venerable R32 Skyline GT-R, using modern metals and fabrication techniques like using two opposing industrial robots with tungsten dies to form body panels out of flat metal sheet stock.

Nissan has teamed up with HP and SOLIZE to 3D print metal parts as NISMO Heritage Parts expands it's offerings beyond sheet metal.

In the motoring world, the term "Body In White" (BIW) has many connotations, but to keep this about NISMO, BIW typically describes a bare chassis that may or may not have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), sold for racing applications.

The video below is NISMO flexing like a JDM Year One where folklore says every part needed to fabricate a whole muscle car can be had for the low price of an arm, a leg and one's everlasting soul.

Considering the price range Nissan R32's have been fetching on Bring A Trailer, this level of manufacturer love for a halo product and by extension the owners at every stage from the kids looking through the showroom glass or growing up virtually driving an R32 to the vaunted few who get to attain their dreams and own a piece of motoring history, redeems humanity just a smidge in my book.