Now There's A Simple Way To Transform Any Lock Into A Smart Lock

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Control your existing door lock from your phone with the Switchbot Lock.

When it comes to smart locks, there's no shortage of options available. In fact, there are so many options that replacing your current lock can seem like a daunting task. But thanks to the Switchbot Lock, there's no need to replace your existing lock.

The Switchbot Lock

Image via Switchbot Lock

Instead of replacing your current lock, the Switchbot Lock quickly and easily transforms it into a "smarter than average lock. This way, you can access your home using a smartphone or other electronic device without needing keys. It's easy to install and is compatible with a host of different locks.

Just rip the back off the adhesive pad, adjust the size adapters, and secure the Switchbot Lock around your existing lock's thumb turn on the interior of your door. Once you synch the device with the Switchbot Lock app, you're ready to roll. It's convenient, reliable, and will last up to six months on one set of batteries.

Multiple Ways To Unlock And Automate Your Door Locks

Image via Switchbot Lock

Once installed, the Switchbot Lock gives you numerous options for opening your door. You can control the lock via the Internet from anywhere in the world using the Switchbot app or locally using Bluetooth. It also works with Apple watches, voice-controlled devices like Alexa, and NFC tags. You can also set up a keypad to control the lock with a secret code or just use your regular key. The Switchbot Lock is all about flexibility.

Best of all, the Switchbot Lock allows you to automate your lock based on triggers such as time and location, so you'll never forget to lock up again or find yourself stuck outside without your keys. It even keeps logs of when your door is locked and unlocked, providing additional security for your home and family.
So if you're ready to convert your current lock into a modern smart lock, click here to learn more about the Switchbot Lock today.