Republican ex-congressman says he suspected Louie Gohmert and Paul Gosar of having "serious cognitive issues"

In his new book, The Breach: The Untold Story of the Investigation into January 6th, former US representative from Virginia Denver Riggleman described his impressions of colleagues Louie Gohmert and Paul Gosar. He said they embraced such extreme, conspiratorial stances that he thought they might "have had serious cognitive disorders."

From The Guardian:

Riggleman says Gosar and Gohmert "seemed to be joined at the brain stem when it came to their eagerness to believe wild, dramatic fantasies about Democrats, the media and big tech.

"I came to believe Gosar and Gohmert may have had serious cognitive issues."

Riggleman also calls Gosar "a blatant white supremacist", describing him and the Iowa Republican Steve King "making a case for white supremacy over pulled pork and ribs".

"It was unbelievable," Riggleman writes. "I had always bristled when I'd hear Democrats dismiss Republicans as 'racists'. To me, it seemed like an easy insult that dodged policy discussions. Now, here I was behind the curtain, seeing that some of my colleagues really seemed to hold these awful views."