The stunning stop-motion animation of Justin Rasch

There really isn't an arm of animation that's more impressive than another. Whether it's three-dimensional models or traditional hand-drawn animation, making cartoons requires a ton of dedication and hard work. However, one branch of the animation tree is notorious for how demanding it can be: stop-motion animation. The process of arranging individual pieces of an action figure or, in some cases, construction paper for hours to capture a single frame of animation is not for the faint of heart. And while digital filmmaking has made the process easier, it's still incredibly time-consuming and tedious. Despite all the inherent difficulties, a completed stop-motion sequence or feature film is usually gorgeous to watch, proving the juice is worth the squeeze. 

Justin Rasch, co-owner of the Stunt Puppets animation house, has tons of great videos on his Instagram that showcase how insanely technical the art of stop-motion animation can be. In the video linked above, you can watch a time-lapse of Rasch bringing a fan-made model of the character Moneky Bone to life with his meticulous attention to detail.