This clip of The Munsters might get you in the Halloween spirit

It's getting close to that time. You can already see it by the throngs of suburbanites demanding pumpkin spice lattes in unison. 

Fall is here; there can be no doubt. 

For some, the season is rife with apprehension, as it usually necessitates a conscripted family dinner. However, there's always one aspect of fall that makes the whole season tolerable. 

No, it's not spaghetti squash. I'm talking about Halloween. If you're anything like me, you've already started to get into the holiday mood by watching a few seasonally appropriate films. Even though it's fun to revisit beloved classics like The FlySuspira, and Dawn of the Dead(1978), finding new movies to add to your rotation is crucial. Rob Zombie already proved himself to be a capable director of Shlocky horror with The Devil's Rejects, but now it's time to see how well he can handle a family-friendly horror-centric comedy. 

You can check out a clip of Rob Zombie's upcoming rendition of the classic franchise The Munsters (previously at Boing Boing) in the video linked above.