Here's how to sell your Garfield collection

With inflation rising, you might need to finally sell your massive collection of Garfield items. Fortunately, you can refer to this 2012 video created by Cathy and Robert Kothe who apparently have the largest Garfield collection in the world. From the Kothes' website,

Some people who ask us are actually the collectors themselves. Some People inherited the collection, and other people are just helping out a friend or family member. Because of this large gap in Garfield knowledge, I will start with the basics.

First How do you know what is valuable or not?

Except for a few consistently high selling items, it is our experience that Garfield collectors will usually go after what makes them smile and what they are interested in. Because of this observation, items may sell for much more than expected because someone really wanted it . . . and other items might not sell for much even if it is an original 1978 Garfield Plush.

We find that Garfield collectors sometimes have themes. For example, my wife tends to purchase beach themed and boating themed items for some day that we own a second house in Florida.

image: JuljanM/Shutterstock

(Thanks, UPSO!)