Seven year sentence for Jan 6 rioter described as "one-man wrecking ball"

A man who admitted assault a police officer during the Jan 6 attack on the U.S. capitol is off to jail for seven years, with a couple off for time served awaiting trial.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson called Kyle Young a "one man wrecking ball" as she sentenced him to prison. She gave him credit for the 17 months he's been held since his arrest, meaning he likely will serve nearly six years in prison. Young cried as he apologized to D.C. Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone and said he wished he could take back his actions of that day.

CNN has more:

Young, Jackson said, was the individual who handed another rioter the stun gun used to electrocute Fanone. Young then showed the individual how to operate the device.

"You had to teach him how to turn it on," Jackson said, "you armed someone."

The individual, Daniel Rodriguez, is charged with electrocuting Fanone several times in his neck and has pleaded not guilty.

"I hope someday you'll forgive me," Young, who brought his 16-year-old son with him to the Capitol, said to Fanone during the sentencing hearing. "I know you hate me."

Young told the judge that "whatever you give me as punishment I accept and I probably deserve."

CNN is wrong to say Fanone was "electrocuted", which refers to deadly or at least life-threatening shocks, but not to getting zapped with a stun gun.