These at-home health services make it easy to take vital tests without setting foot in a doctor's office.

Life can be hectic, which is why so much of our day-to-day activities have shifted to online services. But, one thing that's been difficult to move to the online world is keeping track of your health. While you used to have to account for all the time you'd sit in traffic on the way to the doctor, several new and innovative ways to keep track of your health have popped up in recent years.

Companies like Base and MyLAB Box have created new ways for busy folks to keep up with their health, even if they don't have time to run to the doctors. That's where at-home wellness kits come in. Equipping yourself with a great at-home wellness kit can take a lot of the headache out of the doctor's visit. And, because you never have to run to the doctor's office, you can spend your day doing more of those things on your to-do list.


Image via Base

Base has at-home wellness kits for just about everything. Whether you're looking for help managing your weight or just trying to figure out why you're feeling so fatigued all the time. Base breaks things down easily and simply, and even offers multiple levels of starter boxes to help you find what you're looking for. You can get kits that help with issues like brain fog and even some that can help you address your anxiety and depression. Once you get the kit, all you have to do is follow the instructions, send back anything they ask for, and then they'll propose a plan to help you address whatever you're dealing with. It's a perfect way to avoid those long and arduous trips to the doctor's office.

Get Base starting at $59.95.


Image via Everlywell

Another great option for at-home wellness kits is Everlywell. This online health access point offers many kits for people to take advantage of, including a way to test for food allergies, food sensitivities, and even disease screening kits. Everlywell also offers post-result webinars, prescriptions, and supplements to help with any of the health issues you address using their service. All of the results are digital, too, so you never have to leave home to find out what your results were.

Get Everlywell for $24.99 monthly. 


Image via Vessel

Vessel claims to take the guesswork out of keeping up with your health. This service provides an easy at-home test that can help you get recommendations about an assortment of health situations. The service also claims that all of its results are backed up by a third-party validated accuracy study. Vessel is more of a lifestyle plan and wellness plan than some of the other services out there, but it may help you get to the root cause of any ongoing health issues and turn those around so you feel better.

Get Vessel for $30 monthly. 


Image via MyLAB Box

MyLAB Box is all about testing on your terms. With tests for wellness, nutritious, fertility, and even STIs, MyLAB Box opens up a lot of doors to avoid those annoying and time-consuming trips to the doctor's office. This service also offers a free physician telemedicine consultation if your tests call for it, and it provides free shipping to and from the lab. And, the best part is, the service claims you'll get results in 1-5 days, so you shouldn't have to wait too long to see what's going on with your body.

Get MyLAB Box starting at $59.


Image via Rootine

If you're tired of feeling tired and out of focus, then Rootine may be a good option for you. This at-home health service offers tests and what it calls "precision multivitamins" that help you tackle issues like fatigue, stress, and even brain fog. It's simple to get started: the process follows four simple steps. All you need to do is personalize your test, complete it at home, then get your results and start using the treatment options offered to you. Rootine says the process is targeted to your blood levels, DNA, and your lifestyle to help you reach all your health and fitness goals.

Get Rootine starting at $99.


Image via 23andMe

Most people know 23andMe for its DNA and ancestry tests, but the service also offers several essential health report tests, too. These can offer a way to get some insight into the things going on with your body, and they may give you more information on the types of diseases and issues that you're susceptible to based on your genetic makeup. The service isn't the cheapest, but it can save you an annoying and time-consuming visit to the doctor's office, which is always a win.

Get 23andMe for $199. 


Image via HealthLabs

With over 500 lab tests available online, HealthLabs is one of the largest at-home wellness kit services available online. Not only can you make use of tests to check your allergies, anemia, and even cardiac health, it also offers Covid-19 antibody tests so you can see how well your body is standing up to the ongoing Covid pandemic. Of course, all of this would mean nothing without easy access to your results. HealthLabs claims to offer results in 1-3 days, and that you won't need a doctor referral or even insurance to pick up any of its tests.
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