We're getting a Spirit Halloween movie, whether we like it or not

Similar to all of the great horror movie slashers, whose costumes they presumably carry, you can't avoid Spirit Halloween. If the Halloween chain wants to invade your neighborhood, there's nothing you can do to stop them. Once you see a Spirit Halloween, you better start running because it's already too late. 

Anything can become infected with the Spirit Halloween virus. I don't care if it's a recently abandoned roller rink or a hollowed-out CiCi's Pizza; if it can contain a reasonable number of people, according to the Fire Marshall's code, it can become a Spirit. I was never naive enough to believe that a movie theater was incapable of being possessed by a Spirit, but I never thought that a movie theater would ever show a film about a Spirit. 

You can check out some footage of Spirit Halloween: The Movie starring Christopher Lloyd and Jaden Smith in the video linked above.