A plane managed to clip another while taxiing at Heathrow airport

London's Heathrow Airport can't catch a break. Last night, two airplanes found themselves in a fender bender — or wing dinger, as it were — on the runway. The minor collision involved a Korean Air plane about to take off for Seoul, which managed to clip the tail of a parked Icelandair plane (see images below). Of course all passengers had to deboard and emergency services were called to the scene, but no injuries were reported.

From The Guardian:

Dan Sabbagh, the Guardian's defence and security editor, was among the passengers on the Korean Air flight to Seoul and posted a photograph of about 10 police cars and two fire engines by the plane. He said passengers deboarded the plane for safety reasons.

Another passenger, Richard Taylor, said he saw the left wing of the Korean Air plane clip the tail of the Icelandair while taxiing.

"There was very little movement from our wing as it touched," he said, adding that what "looked like shards" broke off the tail of the parked Icelandair plane.

Just another chaotic mess at Heathrow.

Front page thumbnail image: Senohrabek / shutterstock.com