An architect looks at how Wayne Manor has changed over the years

To quote Bob Dylan, "Oh, the times they are a changin'." I can't quite remember when it happened, but sometime in my life, I remember when Bruce Wayne went from being a millionaire to a billionaire. Granted, the move was a logical one as it helped give Batman a narratively appropriate level of unattainable wealth that was congruent with inflation, but it was a jarring move nonetheless. As his net worth ballooned, so did Bruce's standard of living. A portion of every Batman movie feels like the superhero equivalent of an episode of Cribs, where each new iteration of Wayne manor tries to outdo its immediate predecessor. 

In the video linked above, the YouTube channel for Architectural Digest provides a professional to highlight how Wayne manor has changed throughout the years, becoming increasingly palatial with every subsequent film. Since The Batman gave Bruce Wayne a penthouse, I guess the sequel will have him chilling in the JLA Watchtower that orbits the Earth.