Andrew Callaghan interviews an even-more-unhinged-than-usual Alex Jones

In an interview with the excellent Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan, Alex Jones sarcastically screams that he personally killed the murdered children in the Sandy Hook massacre. He also admitted to being Hitler: "I was in a time machine in Germany. I did all that, OK." This is Jones' way of feeling sorry for himself for merely inciting his listeners to harass and threaten the parents of the slain children.

Callaghan is a brilliant interviewer. His deadpan approach is the perfect way to goad Jones into revealing the abominable depths of his depravity.

"Do you feel any sense of responsibility for the way the lives of the Sandy Hook families were affected?" asks Callaghan.

The video then shows news clips of Sandy Hook families' testimony of the horrific suffering they endured as the result of Jones' lies. When the video returns to Jones, he says, "Uh you know, it's an industry, it's a business. They got 73 million dollars from Remington, they've sued all these different groups of people. So no, I didn't kill their kids. I already said I was sorry before they ever sued me and now they just attached themselves to my name and who I am. They can get all the judges they want against me. I have hardly any money."