Lauren Boebert's big whopper as she suddenly — before midterm elections — supports veterans (video)

With midterm elections less than six weeks away, CongressQuack Lauren Boebert (CO) did an about face, trying to make amends with the veterans she voted against (see video below).

"[Veterens] deserve the very best care that America has to offer," she said, pretending to be conducting official business rather than fast-talking with MAGA's [anti]FreedomWorks members. "They have committed their lives to our country and we must uphold our commitment to each and every one of them."

Let's hope veterans in Colorado remember how she has voted against them, including her vote against the Honoring Our PACT Act, a bill with bipartisan support to help at least 3.5 million suffering veterans who were exposed to toxic burn pits, Agent Orange, and other toxins. Fortunately, the bill easily passed through the House without her help, with 34 Republicans joining all Democrats, and has since become a law.

Days before denying veterans the healthcare they needed, she heckled President Biden at his State of the Union address as he spoke about protecting veterans.