These 10-foot charging cables will keep your phone fully powered up

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Finding an outlet nearby to charge your phone, while still being able to access your device is a constant challenge. These 10-Foot Braided Heavy-Duty Lightning Cables Assorted Colors (6-Pack) will allow you to have more freedom when it comes to simultaneously charging and using your phone. 

You know that moment when your phone is in the red and you want or need to be on it, but the nearest plug is across the room? Now, you can sit comfortably on the couch and continue business as usual with these 10-foot lightning cables. The extra-long cables are durable and flexible, so you can continue scrolling without having to wait for your device to juice up. Keep one in the living room, bedroom, or car and you can be sure you'll never have downtime for charging. 

These nifty chargers are tangle resistant and come in a variety of colors. The heavy-duty cables are made to tolerate bending, pulling, and everyday wear and tear. Not only can these cables charge at super-fast speeds, but they can also transfer important files with high-speed data transfer. They're compatible with any Apple product with lightning ports and great for taking to the office, on travel, or placing in multiple rooms around your home.

You want to invest in a quality phone charger that will last, and these braided heavy-duty lightning cables are sure to withstand the test of time. No more interruptions when you're on a social media deep dive or finishing up emails for work, because these cords will keep you fully powered up. If you don't want to get up out of bed, these cables are the perfect excuse to keep being lazy. You'll love the convenience of their far reach and having six charging options all over your house! 

Get the 10-Foot Braided Heavy-Duty Lightning Cables Assorted Colors (6-Pack) for $23.99, (originally $49), a savings of 52%.

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