Mind-bending pulp paperback augmented reality installation from Imaginary Foundation

Turn the page on what you think is real. In San Francisco, pioneering digital surrealist Nick Philip of the Imaginary Foundation has installed a new immersive sculpture made from yellowing pulp paperbacks that serves as a portal into an alternate universe. The transmedia artwork is part of ADAPTATIONS: LAND, a group show at the Drawing Room gallery in the City's Mission District. The opening is today, October 1, from 4-9pm and the exhibition runs until November 13.

"The Paperback Metaverse uses the forgotten pages of yesterday's novels to tell a collection of stories for tomorrow's shifting reality," Philip explains. "By contrasting an environment built from thousands of upcycled paperback novels with a dynamic layer of augmented reality activated NFTs, the Paperback Metaverse fuses the physical, the virtual, and the sculptural."

Enjoy the trip. And it is a trip.

image: Nick Philip/Imaginary Foundation