This tiny camera will catch all of life's most precious or embarrassing moments in real time

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While bulking up home security is never a bad idea, sometimes you just want a small camera to record the memorable things going on. Some successes only happen once in a lifetime, so you're going to want permanent evidence along for the ride. The Say Click Compact Camera is a great way to capture your next great adventure from anywhere. 

If you need a little more perspective on things, the Say Click Compact Camera can be your new best buddy whether on the go or in your home. With built-in magnets and flexible brackets, you can mount this camera virtually anywhere to snuff our bad guys, catch your kid coming home late, or watch the raccoons fight over that last chicken bone in your trash when you can't sleep (though we suggest counting sheep instead). If you think you might miss something, the 24/7 loop has a built-in hot spot, so you can continue to record up to 32GB of material even if the internet is sparse. 

Need someone to take a second look? Your camera allows you to have multiple users on the same interface. This means surveilling can be fun for the whole family (winter is coming, and we promise you'll run out of things to bond over soon, so this may be your saving grace). 

When it needs a little more juice, the Say Click simply plugs into a USB charging port while it's recording or taking a snooze. It won't be off the clock for too long, since the motion detector function keeps it on guard for its next catch using infrared night vision. Whether security is an issue, you're looking to catch nature in its true form, or you just need to glance from a different angle, the Say Click Compact Camera is absolutely where it's at.

Get the Say Click Compact Camera for $24.99 (Reg. $69).

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