Meet Jobbe Wijnen, a "pull-tab archeologist"

Jobbe Wijnen is a "pull-tab archeologist". In the video, he speaks about his passion for collecting pull-tabs, which are the little metal tabs that you pull to open sodas and other types of canned goods. He organizes his pull tab collections in a laminated book, emphasizing the various dates, shapes, and other details that make each one special. Jobbe has over 3,000 pull tabs in his collection and is always looking to add on to it. 

From YouTube:

"In this episode of Show & Tell, Atlas Obscura staff writer Jessica Leigh Hester talks with Jobbe Wijnen, a "pull-tab archaeologist" based out of the Netherlands. Pull tabs are those small metal things that open cans of beer and soda! Wijnen has amassed more than 3,000 of them, a collection he is continually working to categorize. He has even opened up his work to citizen scientists, so the next time you see a pull tab wedged in the dirt, consider sending it to him."